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Cooking Tips – Chicken Rice Croquettes

Chicken Rice Croquettes

Hardware: shallow dish, 3-gallon stock pot, 18″ x 26″ sheet container

Serving Size: 2 croquettes

Yield: 50 servings

Broiler Temperature: 375°F.



– Chicken-enhanced soup base 1/2 cup

– Hot water 1/2 gallons

– Regular long grain rice 3 pounds (6 3/4 cups)

– Finely cleaved onion 1/2 cup

– Salt 2 tablespoons

– Chicken fat, spread, or margarine 3 cups

– All-reason flour 3 cups

– Ground cooked chicken 9 pounds

– Eggs, marginally beaten 6

– Milk 1 quart

– Dried bread scraps 2 quarts

– Melted fat or vegetable oil varying


1. Mix chicken soup base with water. Measure 1 gallon into stock pot and heat to the point of boiling. Mix in rice; spread and cook until rice is delicate. Channel if vital.

2. Consolidate rice, onions, and salt.

3. Dissolve fat in stock pot, mix in flour until smooth and include 2 quarts held chicken stock. Cook over low warmth, blending continually, until thickened.

4. Mix rice and ground chicken into thickened sauce. Chill altogether.

5. Utilizing No. 12 scoop, structure chilled blend into 100 croquettes. (Make round, tube shaped, or three-sided).

6. Mix eggs and milk in shallow dish. Spot bread morsels in another shallow container. Dunk croquettes first in egg and milk blend, at that point move in scraps, covering great.

7. Mastermind croquettes on very much lubed sheet dish and brush softly with softened fat. Heat in 375° broiler for 30 minutes or until pleasantly sautéed. Turn once for carmelizing.

8. Present with chicken sauce or mushroom sauce.

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